Friday, May 15, 2009

Change Of Plans

I sometimes forget that living in Wisconsin means you don't make outdoor plans until the last minute. Unless of course in involves camping or a sporting event. Today was the day I planned to tackle the yard. I've been putting it off because a week or two ago it just didn't make sense.

Our neighbors have a tree that drops some type of pod. The first phase is these pod things that look like roaches. Second phase are the innards of this pod that are sticky. We try to keep up with sweeping the driveway so they don't get dragged into the house. I figured I'd wait until they were done to get going on the back yard. But then this morning it occurred to me that the whirly birds haven't fallen yet, not to mention the sky is soon to open with more rain. Tomorrow looks a little more promising.

Back to the neighbors annoying tree. This year, as in the past 19 we're out there sweeping the driveway and washing off our cars (These things will stick on the cars and if you don't get them off will leave marks) when here comes Pauly, the neighbor, with a 12 pack of beer and some brownies. I think it was his way of being sorry for his tree. Earlier that day I had heard Lindy, the wife, complaining about no one wiping their feet and this shit being tracked all over her kitchen. The tree is very pretty, but very annoying for two weeks out of the year. It's close to our lot line and over hangs our garage and with the right wind I think we get the brunt of the droppings. I've often thought about sneaking over there while they were gone for the weekend and chopping it down but our payback is coming. Any day now our tree will begin dropping its helicopters. Although we get most of it, they are also blessed. If they think I'm bringing over a twelve pack and brownies they're nuts. My trees droppings can be mulched. It causes no damage unlike my shoes that have to be scraped off each time I walk up the driveway.

So it's on to plan B for today. Take my mother-in-law shopping for her Mother's Day Gift. We'll either be heading out to Steins (doubtful with rain) or to Kohl's. I am pretty sure that once I make the phone call stating we're on our way she will begin the list of excuses on why she can't go. I get frustrated with her because I feel like she's giving up. I get frustrated with some family members as I feel like they're letting her. It should be an interesting afternoon.

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