Friday, May 08, 2009

Off We Go

In a few hours we will be on our way to the seasons first camping trip. At this point the weather is good. Rain is in store. We can handle it. I've camped in down pours, tornado warnings, and some frost. In all the years of camping we only packed it up once and came home. That was when our site, and the entire campground became a small pond. We made the best of it and held out as long as we could, packed it up and came home and made our french toast in the comfort of our home.

What are the rules for bailing out?
1) You need a boat to get in and out of your site
2) The tornado has taken your tent
3) You have been injured from the pelting hail
4) You have run out of beer (?)
5) You have been struck by a falling tent pole (buck it up and apply ice to your wound)
6) You lawn chair broke (Barney always has extras)
7) The mosquitos are making a meal of you (apply some off-everyone smells just as bad as you)
8) It's to hot (go sit in the local tavern until it cools off)
9) It's to cold (that's where the roaring fire comes into play)
10) None of your friends have showed up (make sure you're at the right campground & right site because that just doesn't happen)

So the way I see it, is the tornado or the continous rain may be the only reasons for bailing.
I need this weekend away. Camping to me is more of a mini vacation away from the daily grind and drama at home. There's not a better way to relax!

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Hey Jo said...

Good thing falling off a table and starting yourself on fire are not part of this list.