Friday, May 29, 2009

Kleenex Please!

My husband left a short time ago for the bank and was nice enough to ask if I needed anything. My only request was a box of Kleenex. It appears I have contacted a spring cold. At first I though it was just allergies but they usually have just a slight headache and runny nose. This is a nice spring cold. Headache, snotty nose and sore throat. I may be thanking my son for this gift. My cold tablets have been taken and packed along with NyQuil for my weekend camping trip. I will not let this put a damper on my weekend! Not sure how far I can go without a wad of Kleenex in my hand, but I'm bound to have some fun.

Last night I noticed that one of the pests that I most despise this part of the year are alive and out in droves. The June bug has made it's appearance. Yes, I saw several on my screen door last night. Stupid useless bugs just irk me. I'll be wearing a hat to prevent the pests from flying into and lodging in my hair. This is a bug that serves no purpose but to annoy me and just fly around and bang into things. Once down, if they land on their back they cannot flip back over. They must be a food source for something as I've seen them littering our front porch, all flipped over but by the morning they're gone. Maybe they have a rescue team that comes out and flips them all back over. I don't see that intelligence so my guess is they get eaten by something.
There can be some amusement tonight watching the stupid things fly into the fire. Between that and the suicidal frogs there should be a few good chuckles.

Here's to a good weekend for all!

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