Sunday, May 17, 2009


My body is sore. I've spent a good part of the last two days doing yard work will much left to go. I even got my husband to cut dead branches off the tree in the front yard. I think he was just happy for an excuse to use his chain saw.

The trampoline is causing fights among the children next door. Yesterday their dad made them get out twice because they were fighting. Twice I fetched their ball from the backyard. They were going for three when dad started yelling that they had no reason to have the ball in the trampoline. He stated that "the lady next door has better things to do then pick up your ball". Score one point for dad. They had some friends over and one little girl thought it was cute to jump up and every time her head went over the fence would say hi. I stopped answering after the fourth or fifth time. It was a re-run today, except no balls came over.

It was a good weekend to see which neighbors are still around. Just seemed like everyone came out of hibernation these past few days. The air was filled with the sound of lawn mowers, kids and a lot of leaf blowers, and my dog barking every time the kids jump on the trampoline.

So now it's wind down time. I'm feeling the aches of bending all sorts of ways to clean out window wells and flower beds. I'm smelling the grill which is just about ready for our steaks. The trick is to actually go with Barney to pick out my steak. Got a rib eye right from the butcher, and he actually made his choice before I did.

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