Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Rain Has Put A Damper

I had plans for today which have now been delayed a tad. Hopefully this rain isn't an all day long affair. There's a whole lot of yard work waiting to happen. Now if I could just get my husband motivated enough to move on to plan B I wouldn't feel the day will be wasted. This would involve a trip to Menard's for several things needed to spruce up the yard. He's currently involved in eating breakfast and watching reruns of That 70's Show. I'll be patient for a little while..but not much longer.

Not a good game for the Brewer's last night. Several missed plays added to the injury. I'm hopeful that they can pull it together real quick. Dodi and I were able to hold good conversations throughout the game so all was not lost. We watched a regular get drunker and drunker and develop hiccups (which someone was not there to cure).

I've come to the conclusion that hard work and determination does wear off. 8 weeks ago I made a commitment to loose some poundage. I've changed my eating habits and stuck to working out 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. After 8 weeks I have a weight loss of 21 lbs. I can tell you that it's mostly in my boobs, face and stomach. I've got a long way to go yet but to me the hardest part is now past. The first few weeks when the loss isn't enough and you get frustrated and return to your old habits. It gets better when you can actually feel and see results. I figure another 40 lbs and my boobs will be concave. Once I get this weight loss under control I will begin working on quitting the nasty smoking habit. One thing at a time.

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