Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Don't Want to Whine but..........

It's a little to hot for my liking. I'm all about the 75 and sunny with a little less humidity. The two room ac's are doing some work, but not much. I'm sure that as soon as I pour the $$ into having the central AC fixed the weather will cool off.

My poor dog was a mess yesterday. I was pretty concerned about her as we didn't have the ac's in yesterday and I got home and she was laying on the kitchen floor panting. She looked how I felt after lugging in 2 cases of water and some groceries. We got the ac in the bedroom window and I put her in there and that's where she stayed the rest of the night. The cats had the right idea in staying in the basement. She was much better today but I'm starting to see her age now. A few years back she would have sprung right back. Of course while at the store yesterday I had to see the idiot that left their dog in the car. Pets or kids left in the car on days like this are inexcusable. You don't need anything that bad that can't wait. I'm sure there will be several news stories within the next day or so regarding this matter. I'll wait until the news breaks and rant some more.

On a lighter note, with all the rain we had Friday the ground in our yard was still wet yesterday. I feel good knowing that the $$ I spent on flowers did not get wasted yet. Some of the weeds are doing quite nicely also. Hope I don't get a fine for those.

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