Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is That BBQ Sauce on Your Ear?

Despite being a little humid on Friday & Saturday, the weather was pretty good to us for a camping weekend. Once again the food was plenty, but the consumption of alcohol was on the lower level. I think that once I drank a few gallons of water I was just to full to drink any beer. I did try the festival Vodka in a drink and decided that I'll pay the extra money for Vodka that doesn't taste like lighter fluid.

We did get a little rain on Saturday evening which brought out the Jack & Coke. It was decided that since I don't partake in the "ritual" that I have quite a few credits coming. Some people have a few debits so some dealings were made with trade-offs. Connie got an easy 10 from me for a sweet treat she'll be bringing next time.

Once again Ben's ribs turned out fantastic. The group must have been hungry as not one slobber of BBQ sauce was seen on any one's person. Clean t-shirt, clean hands, arms, faces and ears.

Saw some interesting creatures last night. First off we had a visitor hopping around for a few hours. It was a pretty good sized toad. He just kept appearing every so often. The next two were quite unwelcome. Mick was dive bombed by something we were not immediately able to locate. A few minutes later we spotted a rather large dark red beetle type thing with pincher's. Barney killed it. A few minutes later another one made it's way into our circle. We think they may have been falling from the trees as we did not see wings. At any rate they were big, ugly and sent a few people to bed.

This morning proved to be the day that you just wanted to sit down and not go home. The weather was perfect. It was hard to pack up and come home to reality. Some of us....there are quite a few people not working this next week. What was I thinking?

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