Friday, June 19, 2009

They're Taking the Nation By Storm

Because I'm a dork I actually took the time to look up the history of Combos. I know they've been around for some time now but they seemed to have faded away for a few years. I found that they were invented in the mid 70's. Within the past few years the company (Mars) has hired two new advertising firms.

When I first took my liking to Combos there were only two varieties available: The cheddar cheese cracker and the cheddar cheese pretzel. I prefer the cheddar cheese pretzel still. These are the variates now available:

Cheddar Cheese Cracker (original)
Cheddar Cheese Pretzel
Nacho Cheese Pretzel
Pepperoni Pizza Cracker
Pizzeria Pretzel
Zesty Salsa Tortilla

I'm not a big fan of the other flavors. To fake of a taste.
I started writing this post because just today I encountered a few run-ins with Combos. I walked in the lunchroom and overheard a co-worker ask the vending machine man if he could put Combos in the machine. (He won't but made it sound probable as he asked what flavors). A while later while eating lunch a co-worker pulled out a sack (large bag) of combos claiming they were her lunch. Then a discussion began about where to get them. I got the lead of Farm & Fleet, Walmart and just about every gas station you walk in. A argument almost broke out when someone said Sentry. There was tension in the air as one person pointed out that Sentry doesn't carry shit. I've been to Sentry and never saw Combos. Pick & Save came up and the general conscience was that not all P&S carry them. The conversation faded away.

On my way home from work I glanced over at the car next to me just in time to see a guy tipping the last of his bag of Combos into his mouth. He looked to be quite a happy guy. The story doesn't end here.

I stopped at my local P&S on my way home (one that does not carry Combos). As I was going down the snack isle a customer stopped an employee asking where they kept the Combos. He looked crushed when it was announced that they don't carry them. He clutched his chest and fell to the ground. (not really). The employee stated that they "May" begin to carry them as so many customers have asked for them. So as if that wasn't enough for the day, I am then walking to my car and what should blow past me but an empty bag from Combos. I would like to think that those that indulge in the combo are courteous enough to dispose of the waste properly.

I've also made a friend for life. I've been bringing a bag of Combos to Dylan's baseball games and his 2 year old sister will sit next to me and chow them down. She likes to dip them in the cheese of whoever's nachos she can get her hands on.Don't worry Stb, I will replace my stash of them.

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The title of this post should have been BEST.DAY.EVAH!!!!!!