Monday, June 01, 2009


I don't know if it's effects of the cold I had or what, but I could have fallen asleep at the bat of an eye today. Luck had it that today I spent a lot of time entering numbers and sitting in front of a computer. I almost drank a cup of coffee but then my senses got the best of me.

I think the higher ups at work are counting their chickens before they are hatching. As I was eating lunch my former boss and the warehouse manager were conversing about hiring some people for the new business that's coming our way. They brought me into the conversation by mentioning that they still hadn't replaced me out on the floor and then went on to say they were going to have to go back to two shifts. Insert doom music here. Not doom for the new business, but doom for the other shift. I think I may have ESP because the next question that came was whether I thought it should be a second or third shift. "Why are you asking me" I innocently said. It was then that warehouse guy starts talking about how they're going to have to hire a shipping person as he can't do it alone. He can't handle all the paperwork and trucking. So I said " They'll probably need another QC person too, because I'm not working two shifts" (with a chuckle). Former boss then says "No, Charlie (new boss) will need to start earning his salary." If I was a betting person I'd put a grand down on Charlie staying on day's and me going to another shift. Then I choose third as I cannot stand working second shift. The bad news is it's going to happen. The good news is they're predicting not until after October. All in all if it means we're picking up business, then it's a good thing.

I think Sadie may have finally come to the conclusion that rabbits do not belong in our yard. I also think she may have attacked one. When I let her out before work she usually does her business and comes right back in. If not, I shake the treat container and she comes running. I had to go out and look for her this morning and found her digging at something and growling. She may have gotten into a nest. I went to look after work and all I saw was some fur. Hopefully something else got it and not her. At any rate, there may be hope for the mighty huntress yet.

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