Sunday, June 14, 2009

If It Starts

This entire weekend was spent working on the porch and doing yard work. I painted a ton of trim and now that it's all up I'll be touching it up sometime this week. The good news is the windows are now done. I can open them and get a nice breeze going. The bad news is there is more work to be done. I think Menards loves us this past couple of days.

While my husband was slaving away at getting all the trim done I took on the chore of cutting the grass and cleaning it up. It appears we don't have a bag for our mower. I asked if I should cut the grass and got a response of "Sure if the mower starts". For craps sake if we need a new mower then go buy one. Well it started but I stood wondering were the bag was. I should have worn leg guards and goggles because stuff was blowing all over. When the job was complete I asked for the blower/leaf sucker to clean up the mess. Once again "Sure if it starts". Now this is beyond belief as this blower is only 2 years old. I know because I bought it for him. It started after a few pulls and I was on my way. 1/2 hour later with my arm vibrating I shut if off and noticed my husband talking to the neighbor. I heard the comment "What's next for her. Can you get her up on the roof to start those shingles". As my head spun around and I spit green I sarcastically said "That's not funny", and I quit.

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Hey Jo said...

Be glad your stuff starts. I still can't get my weedwacker to start.... I swear I'm going to get a goat.