Sunday, July 19, 2009


Made it through the family 50th Birthday party for my husband. Went off pretty well. I had quite a stock of beer and was a little surprised this morning when emptying the coolers. They made a dent, but we ended up with enough beer left over for a few camping trips. The 30 can case of Pabst was gone, the case & 12 pack of GD was gone, had 1 case of Miller Lite left (thanks guys) and 12 Miller 64's left. Also left was the full 12 pack of Berryweise, and 3 bottles of Smirnoff variety pack. Mike's was gone. Also gone was most of the food and two birthday cakes. Thanks to Nannette, there was one piece of cheesecake made by Bonnie tucked away in the fridge for Barney. And Elvis is still standing proudly on our front lawn.

Seeing as this was day two of his birthday celebration (he takes a month) we met my daughter and three grandchildren at the driving range this morning. Note to self: take golf lessons. We spent about over an hour there and had a good time. The kids enjoy it and Barney got some practice in with his new clubs. I need work. I can hit far enough, just need to straighten it out a little. Maybe I should work on that so when I retire I can take to the courses instead of sitting home baking varieties of cookies.

On to the 0-3. I have now eaten at Red Robin 3 times. Why I go back to someplace I don't like is beyond me. The first time was right after they opened and beside being crowded (expected) my food was okay. The service is terrible. The second time Barney wanted to try it out so we did. Food was not good, service was okay. I think she knew the service was bad and tried to make up for it. Today we went because the kids wanted to go. I cannot stand going to a restaurant and having a wait staff person continuously apologize for being busy. Don't you want your restaurant to be busy? Doesn't busy mean money? Maybe you shouldn't have sent people home because you had a 1/2 hour lull in business. Our waiter, who had to be in his early 40's was rude as hell to the kids. He stops by the table to ask if everything is OK, the kids tell the guy it's their grandpa's birthday and he continues walking and says" Well it's still going to be his birthday when I come back". I found it rude. I could tell it made the kids uncomfortable and made the "maybe their really busy excuse". 5 minutes later the wait staff is singing away to some guy 5 tables away. I'm sure Barney was happy not to have attention called to himself, but it made the kids feel bad. I'm sure they're over it by now as the guy brought over an ice cream and plopped it down on the table. Oh, yeah and the food was not good.

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