Friday, July 03, 2009

My Head May Explode

Not from being full of any useless knowledge, but on a scale of 1-10 I have to rate this headache as an 8 or 9. I get little nagging headaches every so often which I can attribute to "the girl thing" or sitting in front of the computer to long. This one woke me up at 4a.m. Part of it seems to be a sinus thing which I also find odd. I feel fine except for the pounding above my eyes. I went right for the allergy relief medication.

My topic today, since I was in the medicine cabinet, is pills. In my medicine cabinet I have, aspirin, Benadryl, some expired antibiotics, a bottle containing pain pills (also expired and now flushed)some allergy medication and some cold tablets. Not a big hit for someone looking for drugs in this house. I was having a discussion with my daughter last night about the ease in obtaining medication from some doctors. I must see doctor's from a different mold, as besides my limited pain medication after my hip surgery (now flushed) I have never been offered any type of medication. She was telling me about how her doctor offered her three to four "answers to her problems" in pill form. She declined them, as she's already frustrated and trying to manage pain from two back surgeries in a different way. We went on to discuss the number of people her age that she knows that are on multiple medications.

Don't get me wrong, as I know there are ailments that require or can be better controlled with medication. There are instances where anti-depressants may be of assistance to someone for a short period of time. My mother took them while awaiting a cancer diagnosis for two weeks. She may have had worse issues without them. What I don't understand is why a 20 year old needs anti depressants to help them through a tough spot. Why a doctor isn't saying "Buck it up, find a job, get off the booze, and straighten yourself out. If they "need" this medication at 20, then what happens when the real world hits them? Does taking the medication make you better able to cope with these problems, or does it mask them so one just doesn't care? Does it make you get up in the morning and go look for a job? Does it deter you from stealing money from someone to go out and drink? What exactly does it do?

When I was in my mid-twenties I went through a lot of crap. There were days I didn't want to get out of bed, but my two children needed tending to. There were no pills to help me. I will admit that my father played a huge roll in leading me in the right direction, but the final outcome was me telling myself that things had to change. At first I looked at where I wanted to be and it looked like a long way off. Little steps get you far. You just have to keep going, and when you stumble get up. I think the saying is "Where there's a will, there's a way".

I guess I just have a chip on my shoulder when everything in society is treated with a pill. It's no wonder kids think this is a way of life. Headache seems to be letting up a little.

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