Friday, July 17, 2009

Accepting Responsibility?

I seem to recall a conversation started by the campfire this weekend regarding people accepting responsibility for their own actions. Great conversation but what made it greater was all the people sitting around and agreeing with each other. It makes me feel good to know that my friends have morals and are all good people.

A conversation started in the lunchroom today regarding the article this week about the girl who fell into the open manhole cover while texting. One of the guys reading the article blurted out " People need to start taking responsibility for their own actions". Everyone agreed and of course comments were made and people broke into their own little conversations. Here's an instance where the city claims to be somewhat at fault as they didn't immediately place cones out to mark the open hole. Missy comes walking along and it texting rather than paying attention to where she's going and falls into a hole with of course, raw sewage. Accepting responsibility for your own actions. Yes the hole should have been marked, more so if it's a busy area. The workers claim they turned around to get the cones and she fell in. Well, maybe one of them should have stood guard while the other got the cones. Accepting responsibility/teamwork. What really took the cake on the story was having the mother quoted as saying it was embarrassing to her daughter to fall in raw sewage and "we still haven't found her other shoe". They're suing. My guess is, that they will win. This should be a 50/50 split. No damages were done so she should not receive any settlement. However the city workers should also be held somewhat accountable.

Here's my next beef. Shouldn't the Police Chief's wife be the one dragging his butt into court for his little "fling". This Harris jerk needs to butt his nose out of it and keep the city's money intact and not wasted on a court case because he has a beef with the Chief. He did wrong. He did wrong in his personal life. Harris thinks he may have had financial gain from the story the "flingee" did on him. This does not belong in the Milwaukee Court system. Let Mrs. Chief or the woman's husband do what they feel needs to be done. Adultery is still a crime in Milwaukee? Wish my lawyer would have told me that 27 years ago. Maybe I could have gotten my ex-husbands employer to foot the bill for my lawyer and court fees.

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