Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Another Cut

Not sure if I'll be safe this time or not, but they cut the hourly people down to 32 hours starting the week of the 20th. Not a good thing when the boss waits for everyone by the time clock. What was worse was him signaling me out to hang for a second. He's not sure if this affects me or not as I'm salaried and of course we couldn't find my boss to ask.

If the truth was told back in April, then I am not. Just wondering how boring it may be from 5 am until 7 when the operators come in. I'm not real big on the "you'll probably find out by the end of the week" statement, although what's the difference? I'm hoping he doesn't put me on Monday through Friday. As always, I'm sure it'll all work out in the end. Of course winning the lottery would be a better option.

My fat, old body is a little sore. I just spent a total of about 8 hours in two days over at my mother-in-laws house weeding and planting for her. I decided I was sick of listening to her complain about her grand kids that live downstairs, and sick of other people making excuses on why they can't help out. The bottom line is she needs help. It appears that everyone wants to point the finger at the other person for not helping out and in the end no one helps. I also feel that it's horrible for her to be treated this way. I knew my husband's father since I was 14 years old. Hard working, kind man that I would imagine is just fuming at whats going on.

The 3 children (22,20 & 15) that live downstairs have no direction. Part of the issue is there is so much to do around there that I believe they are overwhelmed. Several things are started and off they go on to something else. My biggest bitch the other day was seeing that "yes, the hedges were trimmed, however the trimmings were never picked up". When I questioned that I got "blah, blah, was supposed to do that". Just like the shovel of dog crap that he left sitting next to the kennel as he didn't have a bag. He didn't like it to much when I showed him the effects of leaving a pile of crap in the hot sun for a day. Had to go inside and get sick.

Anybody want a turtle? They have one that someone got from the park. It's in a tank, with filthy water and they're complaining because they didn't know you had to change the water every two days. So now it sits outside on the patio in a filthy tank. I was going to dump the tank on it's side and let the thing go last night, but another sister-in-law said she was going to take it to the park today and set it free.

Off that subject. I may develop heartburn from thinking about the situation. The porch is almost done. The carpet is in and I see that there are just a few nail holes to patch and paint. I'm impressed at how much Barney did today. Good thing Ben didn't get a hold of him early this morning for a trip to the Casino. Maybe that's what he's gearing up for.

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J. Gambino said...

Thursday the boys golf. So I hope they get all the things ready for camping. I know Ben's schedule will be all shot and he will be stressing.