Thursday, July 02, 2009

What to do...What to do...

After a second of thought I decided to take a vacation day today. Beside the fact that had I gone to work I would have been the only non-management person there. One by one yesterday they were dropping like flies. With no production running people were assigned to cleaning. Part way through yesterday there were 3 out of 8 people left. I was plugging away at work needing to be done for ISO certification. I can't understand why no one wanted to help me. After getting a good chunk of it done and then finding out that there will be no production Monday or Tuesday I figured I could take today and finish the rest Monday.

I feel good having a 4 day weekend. Then I started thinking about all the things I can do around here. I made a list in my head but now can't seem to remember much of it, so there must not have been to much that was important. The things I do remember : laundry, grocery shopping, painting trim for the final steps of the porch, finish putting mulch down, find a new lawn mower for my husband. I think I may need to enlist the help of my brother for this one. See, I know that Barn will balk about buying a new one. In a previous post I had described our ghetto lawn mower. Yes, it functions. It has no bag so when mowing it is necessary to garb yourself in combat gear complete with safety glass's to prevent getting hit by lawn shrapnel. And then the clean up of the sidewalks and driveway afterward is necessary. I say, "Why make something two steps, when it can be done in one". This may be a purchase that angers my husband but I can always say I bought it for myself. We were discussing the lawn mower last night and I found out that he paid 50 cents for it. Got it at a rummage sale. I think he's lying about the cost, but I think he shouldn't feel to bad when I buy the new one and put this one on the curb. At any rate, my decision has been made to purchase a new mower.

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