Friday, September 04, 2009

Hiding Out At Work

I usually don't like working on Fridays, and today's not any different. I'm here because I have to be and because I don't want to be at home. Around 9am men should be arriving at my house to aid in the pouring of the patio next to the new porch/sun room. For the past week Barney, with the help of Ben, has been preparing for the pouring. Several trips to the garden center have been made for stone, several trips to the dump have been made to dispose of the stone and dirt dug out to make the patio, and several trips have been made to the local hardware store for items needed for the construction of the patio. As of yesterday the cement was ordered and paid for. It all sounds like it's going smoothly. But wait! Something will go wrong. There will either be not enough cement, a broken window, or an (knock on wood) injury of some kind.

It's not that I have no faith. Barney does good work. But something out of his control always goes wrong. This is why I want to be at work. I do not want to hear "Oh Dear" coming from the driveway. This could only mean that I am needed to do something. Most likely write a check for additional cement or find a band aid or something of the sort. I shall remain in my safe harbor until 1:30. It's the best place for me. Completely out of the way.

This is my last day before a week long vacation. It's been over a year since I took an entire week of vacation. I plan to use the weekend to catch up on things around the house and pack. As of Monday I plan to get to my destination , set up and plop in my chair with a beverage of choice until Tuesday. I just need a day to have nothing on my mind, and nothing to do. Hopefully one of my friends will give me a jab every once in a while to ensure I'm not in some other world.

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