Sunday, March 04, 2007

May I Recommend....

We received a gift certificate for Christmas for Steven's SteakHouse in West Allis. Last night we took J & K there for J's Birthday. I was pleased with both the food , pricing and the service. Although four people eating Baked French Onion Soup can be quite dangerous, it was well worth it. Three of us had prime rib which I found very good, while my husbands did have quite a hunk of bone in it. J enjoyed lobster tail and some chunk of meat. The atmosphere is very homey like.

My day today has been spent waiting for people to vacate an area I wish to clean in. First I waited to do laundry until showers were taken. The hell with that noise, from now on they can take an unregulated water pressure shower. Then I waited to vacuum until someone finished watching some sappy movie. Hello...we have tv's downstairs. I then proceeded to hurt my husband's feelings (not on purpose). I have been after him to do some re-caulking in our bathroom for some time now. I know he hates that little job. So this morning I said I would call my son, he lays flooring for a living. Caulking the bathroom would probably take him 1/2 hour tops. Oh Boy! did I get the look. He just rolled over on his side and said I made him feel useless. Sure did get him moving though. He's at the store purchasing the needed supplies.

Thanks to K & J I am now hooked on the Chuzzle game. I downloaded the trial last night which lasts all of 60 minutes. I now have it downloaded on my PC and will probably spend numerous hours playing it rather than doing things I should be doing. I don't start work until 10 a.m. tomorrow so I'll have a little time in the morning to play.

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