Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sick Day

Yes, that's right. I have taken a sick day. This started around 1 pm yesterday. I had gone with our Engineer to the company that is putting our new line together, just to get an idea of what's coming. On the way back we thought we'd be nice and stop off and get lunch for some co-workers. Burger King (not my first choice) was our first pick as Engineer man had to make it quick and get back for a meeting. At the BK drive-thru was a sign that their broiler was down. No burgers-no fries. As my co-workers had ordered burgers, Engineer man suggest Sammy's which is right across the street. I wasn't to impressed upon walking in but they seemed to be moving fast and that's what we were looking for. We placed our order and were out the door in 5 minutes. I found out when I got back to work that freedom fries mean free...from any salt at all. I don't like overly salty fries but just a tad would have made them taste better. Their cheeseburgers are huge, but after eating 1/2 of one I chucked it. I'm not quite sure if it was the fried onions or the burger itself. I sometimes don't get along very well with fried onions. Around 3pm I started to develope a stomach ache. Needless to say I needed to stay home today as this progressed throughout the night. I ate nothing else besides some noodles last night so I'm placing the blame on Sammy and his burger.

For some reason I am having problems logging onto my blog. If I didn't have a headach also I would spend some time investigating this mess. I switched over and have had problems ever since.

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my hip replacement surgery. One year and a whole lot better. I still get a little reminder once in awhile but I'm glad I did it. I need to go for my one year check-up which includes the x-ray to see if all has mended right. I may then get the go ahead for running in that marathon. (insert chuckle here).

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djw said...

I have had nothing but trouble since I switched to the new blogger. But I guess it really isn't a problem since what little I write I usually end up deleting.