Sunday, March 25, 2007

One Week Later I Got It!

Thanks to some helpful people I have finally figured out how to blog again. When I switched over everything went a little haywire.

Can we have any better weather right now? Every year my husbands company has an Easter Open House two weeks before Easter and today was the day. Two years ago when it was freezing out they had ice cream cones dipped in chocolate in the parking lot. Today they had hot chocolate. When you're planning this event a year in advance it's hard to get that little perk right. There was quite a crowd when I took my grandson around 11am. No special treatment there, we had to stand in line like the rest of the people. My special treatment was the 30% discount and free 6 ounce bag of jelly bellies.

I'm sure someone won't be to happy with the fact that I tore the plastic off some of the windows today to open windows and let some nice fresh air in. It only took him until January to put the crap on the windows in the first place. While I was in the living room opening windows I noticed that I still have snowflake window clings on from Christmas. I took all the Christmas related ones off a few months ago, but because it was snowing I left the snowflake ones on. I may leave them for awhile as it keep the birds from flying into the window.

I saw my first bee today. I'm pretty sure he no longer exists as he flew right into my face and when I swatted him I just saw his poor little body go flying and hit the ground. That's gotta suck to be on your first flight of the year and taken down already.

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