Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Silence Is Golden

Today marks day six that it has been pretty damn quite in this house. I read my horoscope this morning and found it quite fitting " you need to stop being so stubborn". I chuckled as I thought to myself...nope, I'm not quite ready yet. The history here is that my husband and I don't fight, we don't even really argue. I found out years ago that he is very sensitive and can also be quite stubborn. He gets into a mood and just doesn't say much for a day or so and I leave it alone. I'm usually the one who gives in and tries to drag him out of his mood. Last week in one of his moods he started screaming at me for what I considered a simple question. Stress at work or not, there was no reason for it. If he wants stress, I'll give him stress. I've worked 50 plus hours a week for the past 5 to 6 months with fucked up hours and stress. I'm not saying that I come home and turn into June Cleaver but I have a 25 minute ride to shake it off.
So after getting yelled at I went into silent mode. By Saturday it was just answering questions asked of me. This has continued through today so far. I will say that when I went to his OpenHouse Sunday I was polite as I had Dylan with me. I'm waiting...waiting for him to ask me what's wrong. Waiting for him to say he's sorry at least. I don't want no freaking flowers, or nice gestures like doing laundry...just an apology.
Now, most people that know us will say...Ahhh, poor Arnie, he's so stressed at work with the holiday, he's such a good guy, give him a break-he probably doesn't even know what he did. This is a man who months after I called him a jerk brought it up in conversation. He knows exactly why I'm mad. So anyone who wants to feel sorry for him and make up excuses for him I can only say blah...blah...blah....I've heard it all already.
On a not so lighter note, I've seen no evidence of a move taking place as of yet. One would think that they'd better start packing at least. I heard a little rumor from one of boarder brother's daughters the other day that it wasn't going to be until the middle of April. He did deny that one. Maybe I'll bring some boxes home from work to kind of hurry him along a little, or at least give him a hint.
Everyone have a great day!


StB said...

I am sure he will come around. You are just posturing for the make up sex. C'mon, admit it!

I bet the border brother does not move out this weekend. What kind of odds do I get?

Hey Jo said...

How's the packing coming along for boarder brother??