Friday, March 30, 2007

The Silence Is Broken...but,,,

I spoke, however I am still a little angry. I was going for a little discussion but someone played dumb once again. Here is the conversation upon his arrival home last night.
A- "you still awake"
A-Bob didn't call did he
A- hmph (silence for a few seconds)
A-do you know when they're getting here
me- I have no clue what you're talking about
A- (goes on to explain how some friends of ours are moving here from Virginia and he is helping him unload the truck)
me-Well, I guess if you would take the time to tell me things I'd know this..good thing he didn't call as I would have felt like an ass. (a gets riled up now) You know that's what ticks me off is your inablility to tell me things.
A- Well I wasnt sure what was going haven't been talking much.

Now at this point wouldn't one think that he may have asked "What is wrong dear?" NOPE.
So I offered up a hint "Well, I just don't like getting screamed at is part of what's been wrong"
And here it comes...exactly what I predicted from the mouth of my husband. " When did I scream at you?. THE END.

That's right, that was it. I continued to lay on the couch and watch World Trade Center (ok movie) and he sighed and went off to bed.

So I will continue this chrade until he figures this out.


StB said...

Get this lady a beer!

AletaR said...

Why does that sound like a good idea?