Sunday, March 11, 2007


The other morning as I was doing the daily routine of brushing & flossing my teeth I felt a little pang and made a mental note to call the dentist. I got to work and spoke with my boss for a few seconds, popped a piece of gum in my mouth and ventured off to my work area. After a few chews I felt a crunch and instantly , as we all do, took the old tongue and did a tour of the mouth. Low and behold, right where the slight pain was earlier was now a nice hole. I lost part of a filling. There was immediate pain. Luckily I work for a place that was nice enough to let me leave after calling the dentist (which is 5 blocks from my house) and getting right in. Because I had hip replacement surgery my orthopediac surgeon requires me to take antibiotics whenever I have dental work done. Have to start the pill one hour before and take one every six hours for 24 hours. I had enough time to run home and take one first. My dentist is very nice but reminds me of Fred Flinstone. He's got huge hands but is quite gentle and will shoot my mouth full of numbness prior to doing any work. I don't think I'm alone in saying that any dental work has me digging my fingers into the arm rest. The problem this time was that I just got over one hell of a cold. Prior to going in I blew my nose to assure there was nothing left in there that could run down my throat. About half way through the drilling I felt this glob moving to the back of my throat. I started to panic thinking I was now going to have this coughing jag but his assistant was right on it. This is the closest I have ever come to up-chucking in the chair. She took that suction tube and sucked it right up. She must have known by the scrunched up look on my face that it grossed me out. I got this little pat on the arm and nod from her. Guess it was our secret that the dentist didn't notice? I went back to work numb and hoping that I was not going to drool for the next few hours.

I was brave enough last night to take all 3 of the grandkids overnight, plus the two neices that stay every Saturday. I must say it went well. I played a game of Trivia Pursuit with them all and by 10:30 pm they were off to bed. I didn't get a nudge until 9am this morning. This is when the production of French Toast began. Not the toaster kind, this has to be home made with Texas Toast and a side of sausage. These kids are trained well. I don't have ask them to take their dishes to the sink. I'm not sure if their parents are that strict or if they're just scared of me. I wish it would have been just a little nicer out and drier as they could have then been shot out the door to play.

We seem to have a river running through our garage and down the driveway. The problem is part of it veers off right to the corner of our house. Needless to say we have a little water problem in our basement. "A" sandbagged a little detour yesterday which is helping but I can see a huge expense coming in fixing the driveway to avoid this and the basement also.

After work Friday I met my hubbie, brother and J for a beer. There was focus on the "machine" as it was ready to hit. There was money up there like quarters on a pool table. I got in once with no luck and then after awhile played again and hit. I didnt' hit like my mother who called me from Laughlin twice in the past 4 days to tell me she hit...twice. I won enough to put away for my trip to Laughlin.

Quite a few of us have off from work tomorrow due to some work being done on our line. As usual I have a home project lined up. Tomorrow is paint the bathroom day. It's overdue. I have to get my painting practice in as boarder brother moves in 3 weeks (did I mention how happy I am) and I'm sure I will be repainting that room. I need to find a sofa sleeper that has the most uncomfortable mattress on it so people don't want to stay here. When he moved out the last time I remember how happy I was painting the room. My husband was even helping and he hates to paint. I think he moved out before because he didn't like the color. Yeah, it doesn't take me long to catch on.

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