Sunday, July 15, 2007

To Much Noise in the Hood

Our neighborhood is drastically spinning out of control. What was once a quiet, mind your own business place is now noisy and spews nosiness everywhere. This morning I woke up to some shrill barking dog and small child yelling. The child was next door, the dog across the street. This dog would continue to bark all day. It's a small dog that looks like if it grew would be a doberman. It just hasn't grown since they got it. They tie the poor thing up in the middle of the yard. It's fine if no one is outside. If the kids come out it starts and doesn't stop. I heard the wife tell the husband to quiet the dog down and he replied that it needs to learn.

At one time the neighborhood consisted of all families with kids and dogs. It was a little noisy, but in a good way. Kids playing in the yard, or in the pool. Fun noise that didn't annoy people. My kids were noisy but it was stuff like "Marco Polo, basketball games, swing set or playing in the pool noise. Not some kid standing in the middle of his yard screaming his fool head off while his parents ignore him hoping he'll stop. That is the child that you take in the house and let them know that when they can act civilized they may join the rest of the family.

After dinner tonight the hubbie and I were sitting on the porch and all was quiet. Within in 10 minutes it started up again. The Arab people next door have 4 children. They are under control. They play in their yard and may yell once in awhile but dad has control on the noise. The Mexican people across the street are the noisy ones. Trouble is going to brew as the man next to them who has been here for 40 years walked out and stood in his front yard just staring at this dog. I was watering my flowers and we exchanged glances. He shook his head and returned inside. He has got to be steaming mad. This guy is Archie Bunker times 10. I'm waiting for the wall to go up between the two houses or the dog to be let free.

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