Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Birthday Is Officially Over

I have called an end to the birthday month that my husband usually celebrates. We had the kids and grand kids over for dinner and cake for his birthday tonight. End.

The best part is that my son bought the main part of the dinner. I admire his knowledge of cooking and wonder where it came from. Granted I can cook but he is always trying new things. He made some rib eye's that were the best I've ever had. At first when he told me he marinated them in Italian dressing I was a little skeptical but they rocked. I love a good Rib eye and this is the way I'll be preparing them from now on. I think I may have mastered E's shrimp salad. Of course no one will ever be able to make it as well as E, but I'm close. I freaked my husband out by asking if E put pea's in his. The man hates peas!

It's always a blast to have the grand kids over. This is my turn to watch my kids reactions when they say or do certain things. It's pay back time in my eyes. I love the fact that these 3 are polite 95% of the time. I have to remind the parents that they are kids. We had a good game of ladder golf going and it got better when I told them about the heckling rule. Of course this didn't apply to me. Our dog has tennis balls that she plays with and she was a little confused about the two tied together for ladder golf. It was funny watching her chase our thrown balls until she got mine in mid-air. I'm pretty sure she took the winning point away from me.

It's hard to believe my weekend is over. I managed to get a lot done, but need another day to rest. I am not ready for another 50 hour week. I am sincerely hoping that the AC guy shows up tomorrow at work to get our AC working properly in our area. If not it will be a long hot week. One lousy fan doesn't do much. The weather outlook for the week has be a little scared. 91 by Thursday. I can only hope for a change.

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