Sunday, July 22, 2007

What Happens While Camping.......

We were fortunate to have yet another great weekend. The weather cooperated, the bugs (except for daddy long legs) were absent and we were not bothered by raccoons. Once again we had way to much food and the drink was plentiful. I may be on to something the past my fellow campers have instituted the rule that the Jack comes out when the rain comes. They have become a little lax in this rule by going as far as saying they get credits when they are planning the trip and it rains. I have never joined in the drinking of the Jack, but this time said I would if it rained. Not a drop. Could this be the claim to future rain free weekends or will I need to grit my teeth and drink this in the future? We shall see in a month if this will work again.

I enjoy camping at few state parks. I'm prone to liking the ones that are not to crowded. Some state parks have up to 300 or so sites with half of them being very open. Somewhat like camping in an open field. We have found a few parks that we like and will return to. I think next year we'll be adding another one or two into the mix. We do tend to stay within an hour or two from home as no one likes to spend 4 to 5 hours driving to a park on a Friday night after work. When I was younger it was nothing to hop in the car on Friday and drive 5 hours, set up in the dark for just a weekend. Plus with the cost of gas now it takes away from other things you could be indulging in on the weekend.

So tomorrow it's back to work. Hopefully we'll still be cut back to 10 hours a day. This is still a long day but a little more manageable then 12.

Here's to a good week to all!

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J. Gambino said...

Yeah, I blame you for making me go sans Jack.