Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Perfect Shopper

I know I've said this before, but I hate shopping. The only thing worse is shopping with someone else. I wanted to make a quick run to the "Super Saturday Sale" at Kohls to purchase some much needed new pillows. I tried to make a hasty exit only to be asked where I'd be going. Maybe I should have lied and said to the nail salon or something, but I told the truth. I then had to wait for the garage to be closed up and the bathroom run to be made. I'm a freak about where I park in store parking lots. I know the store well. I go in a certain door and have my path planned way in advance. My husband becomes a little upset with me when I point out a spot that is convenient to the door I plan on going in. I'm not in to finding the closest spot. He was in search of new tennies and socks. We entered the store and I started out on my way. I then noticed him following. I nicely told him to go find his shoes and off he went. I'm pretty sure he felt somewhat relieved as this got him off the hook of going through the intimates area. Hint to women...want to loose the guy, take a hasty turn into that area.

After securing what I went for I went in search of shoe man. I found him walking along with new shoes tucked under his arm. I was in awe. Nice shoes and on sale. We then had the sock dilemma. He had checked them out already and needed my approval. It was actually a very legit question. He thought the price of the socks was a little high. I asked him when the last time he purchased his own socks was. I'm pretty sure it was prior to our marriage.

On to the grocery store. Rather than visit our usual P & S we went to one on our way home from Oak Creek. The atmosphere is totally different. I always feel like I'm in Stepford in this certain P&S. There are no rude people, there are no crying children and the cashiers and baggers are all smiling. This on a Saturday afternoon is frightening to me. Something is amiss at this store. Employees walk past you and ask if you're finding everything okay. They offer to take the groceries to your car. They are all either paid extremely well or all criminals on work release.

The trip was completed without any arguments. I stick with the fact that I just hate shopping. I especially don't like shopping with anyone that lolly gags along or follows me. I have a few friends who are the perfect shopping companions for me. We get to a store and don't see each other again until it's check-out time.

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J. Gambino said...

I agree with your shopping theory. I have a game plan every time I go into a store. I do not shop to "look around." I do check out the clearance spots at Target, but that is an unwritten rule for anyone who has walked into Target and dropped $100 when all they needed was toilet paper.