Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sauce Saga

Yesterday the family descended upon our home for Mom's Spaghetti and Meatballs. The preparation for this began with mom making 52 meatballs at my house on Friday afternoon. I think she was a little nervous about leaving the giant bowl of meatballs unattended by her until Saturday when they would be placed into Mom's sauce. But they were all there.
Mom gets a little freaky about large meals and will always think she's not going to have enough. She came with 4 large jars of sauce and her other "special" added things and began brewing up this sauce around 230. I stepped away for a moment and returned to find Dad missing. She sent him for more sauce. As I opened my cupboard and showed her two jars I had and explained that she could have just used them she then remarked that she thought she had enough and would just send Dad back to the store to return the sauce. This was just plain silly to me. I assured her that I would be able to use the extra jar by it's expiration date. I could bet all of you money that she will inquire between now and Jul 08 if I have used that sauce yet.

When the sauce was complete and the water for the pasta ready I made the mistake of questioning why she was making 5 lbs. of pasta. I was shushed. I dropped the subject as I could see here sending my poor father back to the store with one box of pasta. Needless to say when all the troops were fed we had around 2 lbs. of pasta left and 3 lonely meatballs. We also had a side of J's Italian sausage & green peppers which has an abundance of left overs also. There's something I could use that sauce in.

It was nice to have the entire family (one missing) together and without fighting. The weather was great and I had a lot of help from dishpan hand J. Mom did put a damper on things by saying this was the last spaghetti dinner she was having. Later it came out that it was because of lack of room. For this delight I guess we can all make the effort to suck it in a little to make room for mom's dinner.

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J. Gambino said...

It was all fun and games until a certain someone accused me of playing the "C Card" just to get out of having Christmas and Thanksgiving last year.