Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Boring, Boring, Boring

Our line at work has been down since last week. We've been unable to run due to:
#1- lack of materials
#2- technical work being done to our line
#3- lack of knowledge by the technician doing the work.

In the 7 years I've worked there it was normal to have a lull once or twice a year. This was the time they spent cleaning, painting and doing inventory. We've now run out of things to clean. My new job this week is to go over Work Instructions and safety items. The problem is that there is one computer out on the floor to be used by several people. I could use the one in the office but that would entail walking back and forth to the line a million times a day to review these work instructions with others. I don't mind an idle day once in a while but this is not going to end until maybe Monday. We were urged to take vacation days but who the hell is going to take a week off in January unless they have the money to go some where warm? I'm telling you, I am in the wrong industry.

Chef Arnie whipped up some yummy home made pizzas yesterday. In the midst of cooking one of them my brand new pizza stone broke in the oven. Thankfully the pizza was saved. The stone has been quickly replaced by Pampered Chef but I'm a little nervous about trying it again.

Although I appreciate when my husband cooks I chuckle at the mess he makes. I can cook a full meal and contain the mess. He's got shit spread out all over the place. It more so looks like a war zone when he's cooking. He also cannot be disturbed. There's a lot of thinking that goes into making a meal. So I left him alone yesterday. I proceeded to complete the painting project I started Sunday. He was home by 3:10 and started right in. At 515 I had to question the estimated time of delivery to the table. The downside being that I was hungry. My orange and jello I ate at 1130 wasn't holding me over. I just wanted one fricken slice of pizza. By 530 it was done. Although good, the crust was just a little to crispy for my liking.
He did also attempt a small pie pan sized stuffed pizza. He needs work with that. I look forward to his next attempt.

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