Thursday, January 31, 2008

No Such Thing As Untrainable???

Let me start out by saying how smart my friends are. Three week in a row winners at Trivia. I do need to say I wasn't over joyed at the booing session. Jealous snobs!

I'm old so I've worked a lot of years already. I somehow always manage to end up in the position of training others. People either train well, or they don't. It's all in their willingness to learn. I can usually tell if someone is just going through the motions and really doesn't care. You have the one's that are nervous of every move they make. Then you have the "I got it, I don't need you" people. Some people just take a little longer to catch on but once they grasp it, then they do well. It's funny when I tell them to give it time and all of a sudden it will click. What we do isn't that hard but it can also be a chain reaction. The group I work with now all work well together, all help each other out. Between another girl and I we've trained everyone on the line in the past year.

We have now come to training who we refer to as Dorey (finding Nemo). She's a nice girl but it took a long time to train her in the other 3 areas of the line. In order for Dorey to get a wage increase she must now learn to operate the machine. A few weeks ago I was given that task. Now this girl has been on this line for 9 months so you would think she knows what's going on. Quite wrong. She's knows her own little world of her own little work area. Don't get me wrong, she is all about doing everything right. To the point that she will ask the same questions every day.
I worked with her on operating the machine for one week. Nothing sunk in. I asked another guy to work with her just to see if he could get day. On to the next guy...4 hours and he was ready to pull his shiny thick Korean hair out of his head. In his broken English he told me " THis is shit...she can't learn, I think she is , how you say...untrainable." I almost peed my pants laughing so hard. This poor guy was a nervous wreck. I asked him if he could try again tomorrow and after rolling his eyes he said "She will forget everything by tomorrow". This is most likely true. She sure does put a lot of effort into not being able to remember things from day to day. That's the problem here...a lot of effort with no results. This girl went as far as putting a post-it note saying "Stop" on the stop button so she would remember where it was. Untrainable or not?

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Kris said...

The post it note cracks me up!