Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mourning is Over

I took some good advice on Monday and did not watch the news or look at the newspaper. No one who called me Monday discussed the Packers. By the time I went back to work on Tuesday it was out of everyone's system. There is one guy who is still brooding over it. I think he may have lost some big money.

I have been in a football pool at work for several years now. I've always won a fair amount of times. This year sucked. I won 1 pre-season game, 1 instant and one regular season game total. I'm hoping the Superbowl is my last chance to recoupe my weekly contribution. This guy at work has made an excel sheet and I told him he should graph it out as I'm sure that my name would be way beyond in the red. On a lighter note I did win $$ from another pool several times so in the long run I am ahead.

Like our friend STB we make trips to my husbands mother's house to shovel. Why, you ask? Because my sister-in-laws lazy kids that live downstairs need a swift kick in the ass. This has been a problem for several years now. When we lived in the unit below her my kids who were much younger than her's would shovel, no problem. The next family that moved in took care of it. These kids are just plain lazy and uncaring. Mom-in-law walks with a cane and they will clear a path wide enough for a rabbit to get through. What is bothersome is that she carts one to school every day and the 19 year old boy to work. The other morning rather than get a free ride to work by shoveling so she could get to the garage he took a cab. This boy had $20.00 to blow on a cab for a job that would have taken him 15 mintues tops. We've all been over there and proded their lazy butts outside. Last Christmas I even purchased shovels for them (a sore subject on their part). At least this year they stopped calling to find out when Arnie would be over with the snowblower. We used to keep one at their house but it was destroyed when they left the dogs chain on the sidewalk and ran it over with the snowblower. No cost to them to repair. I'm just trying to figure out how these kids just have a plain lack of respect for their grandmother who does so much for them. I see a butt kicking coming on! Who's got my back?


StB said...

Unfuggin' believable! The answer is simple. Don't drive them anywhere. They don't shovel because there are no consequences.

J. Gambino said...

I doubt the enabling will ever end for them. So I am in for the butt kicking.