Friday, January 18, 2008

He Needs To Move

Yes, it's cold outside. We live in Wisconsin where it's cold every winter. The last few years we've been robbed of a true fall season. It's hot and then all of a sudden it's frigid. This year I do believe we had our fall in late November and for a few days earlier in January.

Every year for the past five or so years I've listened to my husband complain about winter and how he needs to move to a warmer climate. I'm pretty sure he has a five year plan to move to Arizona. Then I know for sure that from May until October I'll have to listen to "It's fucking hot out there". I know the perfect plan would be to live there from November until late April and here for the summer months, but that's not in the cards unless we win the lottery. Like I said, that's not in the cards.
In the past we talked about moving there but I'm not sure that's what I want. My parents made the move about 15 years ago. They were going to give it a year. I know my dad would move back here in a heartbeat as he misses all of us. My mom is a person who cannot change from her routine. I can remember she had a cleaning schedule and to a tee washed the floors at the same time, on the same day forever.
She has a hard time adjusting whenever they come up to visit and I swear she's packing to go home as soon as she unpacks. It's nice out there but I'm not sure it's where I want to live. It's always nice to visit another place and I know we've all thought about moving elsewhere, but would that change once you set up house and possibly had to work?

We had an invite to my son's house for dinner tonight. A good time was had. He's quite the cook and made some great Mexican food. Gas boy is downstairs now wallowing in his fumes. While at my son's I opted to take on Dylan in Madden 08. I don't want to get picked on but I'm not real familiar with PS2 or We or any of the newer game systems. The last time I played any of that stuff was when the kids still lived at home. So this little snot thinks he's going to forget to show me a few things. I get sacked and this little voice says " oops Grandma I forgot to show you that". When we were leaving I told him to pack up the game and system and I would take it home over the weekend and practice my skills. This kids face turned green. His dad said get the stuff for your Grandma. I had to remind him of all the things he got from my house in the past 8 years. In the end I couldn't do it. By the time I got it down pat there would be a new system anyway.

Hope everyone stays warm this weekend. Dress well for the deep freeze!

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OMW said...

You're not familiar? I'm still playing with my Atari PONG game.