Saturday, January 12, 2008

Things To Do When You Can't Sleep

Every once in awhile I can't sleep. I can't blame it on my husbands snoring as since he lost weight he is now pretty much a silent sleeper. I'm one of those people who can't have it completly quiet as then I hear every small noise in the house. So I usually have the tv or radio on. Once I fall asleep I'm good unless something wakes me up. I'm screwed then as I have a hard time falling back to sleep. Then I wander around. I get up get a drink of water, look outside, play a computer game, attempt to do something that will tire me out and get me back to sleep. Sometimes I just give up and stay awake. Tonight (or should I say ) this morning I flicked through tv programs. Watched a few paid programs and wondered how many of these people really used the so called product they're trying to sell. Then I got to True Life where I watched 3 poverty stricken teens. Half way through the show I was becomming irate with the stupidity of all 3 of them. Here's a clue..not one of them had a job!. One girl was living with a bunch of people who constantly stole what little money she had. She had a waitress job but dropped a joint in front of her boss and he fired her. Duh...leave that shit at home, don't take it to work. Case #2- boy on probation trying to get into the Army. Parents are poor and being evicted. Boy really giving it a shot at studying for his GED to get into the army.'re on probation for 2 years. Get a job, study and try the army when you're off probation. I had enough of that show and flicked over to............Leave It To Beaver, where I learned the importance of telling the truth rather than sneaking around. That friend of his "Gilbert" tried to lead him toward a life of crime. Ward busted him out before he could get any further. June was proud and Wally tried to suck up to Ward as usual.
I shall now attempt to get back to sleep.

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OMW said...

(old joke)
June: "Ward, you were a little hard the beaver last night."