Tuesday, January 29, 2008

White Death

I was leaving work today when I was told to watch out for "White Death" tonight. I chuckled to the guy who said it to me and then had to listen to him for 5 minutes ,while almost in tears ,complaining how they canceled a basketball game he was going to attend. I need to learn to keep going when funky comments are made. I dislike the weather we've been given this winter just as much as the next guy but I'll be damned if it's going to ruin my life. This guy was upset. When I asked if it was a Bucks or Marquette game he replied that it was his son's High School Basketball game. Not that it wasn't an important event. He was upset because they rescheduled it for this weekend and he has other plans. Guess it's not that important than right?

Another chapter in the saga of brother-in-law has opened. He's been having some stomach pains for the past week or so. They spent 7 hours in the emergency room on Saturday just to be sent home with some medicine to clear his bowels. At 5am Monday they were back in the ER and at 7pm last night they removed his appendix. The guy is in some pain as there is infection from this all inside the cavities including the shunt they put in to drain his brain fluid. Now it's a waiting game again. They started him out on some hefty antiobiotics hoping this will clear the infection but the shunt is plastic which will probably need to be replaced. They want to clear the infection before changing it. Hopefully...yes the good doctor said hopefuly, the infection will not travel to his brain. When he said that my sister-in-law and I both looked at each other and must have had the same thought. This guy has had every issue they hoped wouldn't happen. It'll happen. The simple operation to remove the appendix which would have him home in a day has now been stretched out to 7-10 days.

On a lighter note, today was the first day in about a month that we actually ran a full day of production. Despite the fact that we had no boxes to put our produced rolls into we ran anyway. I think I will begin to follow the strict morale of "It's not my problem". Let's see how much of a raise that'll get me.

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