Monday, February 25, 2008

I Shared My Germs

Nothing like keeping the illness in the family. On Friday morning when I left for work all was well. That is except for the fact that I still had the illness. The cough had subsided a little but I went in with my bag of cough drops and 4 cold tablets to be taken during the day. I had a busy day Friday and had to get right home from work to get some food items prepared for the 40th Birthday party for Gambino. I had limited time to do these things as we were also joining our fellow Trivia Champs for a few beers.
I walked in the door after work to a sorry looking man. The first words out of his mouth were "Thanks for sharing" followed by a fit of coughing. My whole weekend was now down the tubes. When I'm sick I try to keep it to myself. I wallow in my self pity alone. I may cough and swear silently afterwards but I try to put on that it doesn't really bother me that much. When "A" is sick it is known to all mankind. He will wince at every cough, he will grip his chest like the big one's coming and he will walk around with a snotty wad of kleenex.
I give him credit as he did still want to go out Friday night, although he made it clearly evident that he was ill. We were home by 9:45 and he was in bed shortly afterward. He did have some things to do for the party on Saturday and got them down slowly. Sunday was another story. The man slept from 1 am until 1:30 Sunday afternoon. Got up one hour before we were having the family birthday party at our house. Lifted not one finger and once again made it quite clear that he was sick. Sick enough to take cough medicine. That's how I know he's really ill. Usually I have to coax him to take something. He did try the shot remedy on Saturday night which I don't think helped him much although he did sleep pretty soundly.
This morning he moaned loudly when his alarm went off. Mr "I don't take sick days" actually took a sick day today. He went in to open the place up and was back home within an hour. I myself went in but left at 11 to go to the doctor. My doctor visit produced nothing but a script for antibiotics which I need to take because of my hip replacement. They still worry that any infection could cause some problems with the hip. I only have a few more months unti that's in the clear. I was also told to continue taking the cough medicine I have been taking. It is a viral infection that will run it's course. My worry is now that he has this I may take a little longer to get over it.
I came home from the doctor to find my poor little pitiful man wrapped up in his bankie still sniffeling but not sounding as bad. I was kind enough to make sure he took his medicine, had something to eat and got him fresh pillow cases. I commented on how he never asked me if I was okay when I was sick. "You didn't ask for anything" was the answer.


Hey Jo said...

I'm glad that you guys did not share with me. I felt something coming on last week but and good now.

Get better for birthday bingo on Friday!!

StB said...

I think I caught this nagging little cough from you then! Time to start on the cure tonight.