Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Sappy Movie Time

This just in....Milwaukee under yet another deep freeze. This comes as no shock to any of us (or it shouldn't) as we've had this pattern for the past month or so. Warm, snow, deep freeze. It's getting old. There is light at the end of the tunnel however as sooner or later (around mid-June) this should stop.

My weekend has now officially sucked. Friday morning I bent slightly to straighten out the quilt on our bed and felt this twinge go down my legs. Crap! As soon as I straightened back up I knew exactly what I was in for. I blew out the old back. This has not happened in years. I had gone through this period back some years where there was a constant pain in my lower back. I went through physical therapy, shots and finally was told nothing else would help except surgery. That wasn't going to happen. Then when the hip problem was discovered and the surgery finally done on that, the back issues went away. Granted I still have to be careful about lifting and back related things but I haven't had any problems.

The issue now seems to be that whenever I sit down for any lenght of time, getting up is a chore. I feel like I evolving from ape to man as I slowly straighten out. I did start doing some of the old stretching exercises from the past which are helping a little. Something as simple as a 10 minute car ride to Kohls yesterday turned into a little chore. Good thing I have a large truck and I can pop out and be somewhat hidded by the truck as I stand and try to adjust myself to a standing position. Sleeping has not been an issue and getting up from laying down has not been an issue. I just can't sit, which would be find except for the fact that I need to do that for several things.

Seeing that I can't really take any thing stronger than Aleve this may take a few days to cure. Funny how when an issue like this arises there are a lot of people I know who will offer out their prescription drugs. Some of my friends are walking medicine cabinets. Sure I have some stuff left over from my hip (I must remember to dispose of them) but the thing about hurting your back is that the pain meds will not make it go away. I need a stretching rack. Anyone have one of those.

The tv Gods must have predicted the deep freeze as every sappy movie is on this weekend. Sad thing is I've watched several of them. Half-hearted as I whipped through our taxes in a record 42 minutes. I did go back over them to assure they were done correctly.

Speaking of having problems getting up after being seated, I am done here. If this condition continues for very long I will have to ask my husband to rig up a stand so I can be more comfortable when on the computer. That will go over real well.

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Kris said...

Hope the back is better soon!