Thursday, February 21, 2008

What The Hell??

I'm a pretty mild mannered person. I can keep my cool. I just become frustrated when I cannot fix something that is out of my means. Take for instance tonight. I'm tooling along cleaning out the fridge (a shopping day ritual) so mind you I am emptying out a lot of containers of left-overs and doing a general clean up of the kitchen and fridge. I then go to rinse out the containers before putting them in the dishwasher and find that the kitchen sink is not draining very fast. We do not have a garbage disposal, which I have to remind my husband of several times a week, so we need to scrape off any excess food prior to putting things in the sink. This story goes back to the weekend when I first noticed it and mentioned this little fact to him. The plunger, it seems, is in the back seat of his truck. Why? Well because last week the tragedy of the week was that his mothers toilet was flushing slow. He took our plunger over to her house to fix that problem. How many times has he gotten out of his truck at home since then? Hmmmm.
Naturally, he's at work tonight and I now have a double kitchen sink that will not drain. So when he made his usual "check In With The Wife call" and I nicely mentioned the problem it became very quiet on the other end. "Where is the plunger" I ask. " I'll take care of it when I get home" is the reply.
As I am typing this I can now hear the plunging of the kitchen sink in progress. Hopefully this will be a quick, non-messy job and won't entail taking any pipes off.
No swearing yet. All is quiet. Resume plunging....
I must add that I did find a plunger that was so small it didn't even fit over the drain properly and I was having trouble plunging one side and holding the drain down in the other. The dog didn't seem to interested in giving me a hand.
Something tells me this is more then a plunging job.


Kris said...

Haha, maybe yet another reason why I do not date. Hope it ends well.

StB said...

Plunging a double sink is tricky. You have to plug one end up while you plunge the other so as to not just move water down one pipe and into the other.