Thursday, February 14, 2008

Slamming the Thong

I know I'm going to get crap for this but I'm sure there are some ground rules for wearing a thong. First of all aren't undergarments sort of a private thing? I know the boys wear the crotch riding pants with the boxers showing as it's the style. Should a girl/woman wear crotch riding pants with a thong that is exposed when she reaches up, squats or bends over? Should you not wear a shirt that's either tucked in or long enough to cover this?

I know that there are certain bodies that can wear a thong in this fashion and no one cares as they have the right body for the look. Does everyone feel that because it may be the fashion, whether they be 85 lbs or 200 lbs that it'll look good? Come on girls. Here is my case....there is a girl at work that subjects us to her thong on a daily basis. It's to the point that the men at work are also commenting on her need to cover herself. We work in a manufacturing plant. Wear the proper clothing for the job. Hip Hugging flight pants with the crotch half way down to your knees is not the proper attire for someone who will have the need to bend over, kneel down or squat several times a day. We know you are uncomfortable in this attire as you are constantly tugging at your pants. Time to invest in new clothing or find clothes that fit you.

We are required to have our shirts tucked in unless we are wearing a banded at the waist sweatshirt. Not in her case. The tee shirt can be flapping in the wind. If we call her out on it she'll remark that her pants are to tight to tuck her shirt in. If the correct size is worn you will not have the plumers crack show. A belt would help also. Who gives a rat's ass what you look like in the industry you are employed in. You want to expose the thong and crack then get a job that pays you to show that off. For all of you who may now think I am bitching without just is not a pretty site. I may invest in a hidden camera (maybe a spy pen camera) to get a shot of this display.

As this girl was bent over today with lime green thong in clear view one of the guys on our line yells out "It's showtime". She actually turned around and smiled as if she thought there was something about her butt crack to admire. Because we work in such a "protected" work place people are careful about what they say. I almost busted a gut when another guy walked past her and made the comment that "Maybe it's time for bigger pants".

This is just not right.

Happy Valentines Day!!


Kris said...

I completely agree with you that it is inappropriate regardless of the girl's size or looks. I for one make sure that my pants are pulled up, and I am always wearing shirts that are long enough. Given my height, by biggest worry is not my underwear but half of my back showing when I bend I always layer. This is also to cover up my tattoos, that are not appropriate in the places I work.

I would talk to a supervisor about it. Especially if you are working in a place where safety is an issue with clothing. I think its disgusting.

J. Gambino said...

I agree with Kris about talking to her supervisor. Oh wait, then you would get called out for "picking on her"

Kris said...

Picking on her or picking her thong?

Hey Jo said...

no comment......