Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Never Give A Cell Phone To 2 Drunks

Of course it all seems funny when you're making the phone calls...until the next day when people start to remind you that you did it. Or in J's case they email you and ask you to please interput the message you left them. Or in my case my daughter called me to laugh about it. Or in my parents case I will be eating bread crumbs when I go to visit them. Haven't talked to former boarder brother yet but I'm sure he'll call soon to give me shit. Thank God for the ability to view calls made.
Yes we did make some calls. We can blame it on the Vodka & Cranberry juice drinks we were consuming along with the Cherry bombs which were on special. I think we may have been drowning our sorrows due to all of our loss's at the Casino on Saturday. I did manage to "only" loose $50.00. I haven't been to Oneida in awhile and probably won't go back on purpose.
Beside the fact that I woke up at 5am with one heck of a queazy stomach I didn't feel all that bad. No headache. I just could not fall back to sleep. It was then that I reviewed the nights events. Laughing to yourself is not the same as sharing with your fellow partner in drunkeness.

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Kris said...

Here is a hint on drinking..the more sugar the bigger headache and hangover. You go to vodka and diet..or vodka and cranberry with reduced sugar..you are golden.

But it sounds like you ladies had fun. And I love drunk dials...makes me feel special. You are always welcome to dial me.