Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"We're Going To Heavily Sedate Your Brother"

I received the call at around 11am this morning from my brother's nurse. Last night there was talk of inducing a coma. After calling the hospital upon hearing this rumor it was well explained to me. My brother has ARDS. They cannot put their finger on the source of the infection and it's not something that happens overnight. At first they thought his leg wound was it, but after finding no infection there they moved on to internal organs. Nothing found there either. So it's a mystery now.

This afternoon they induced a coma. This will put his body completely at rest and they will be able to oxygenate his lungs and pump him full of antibiotics to see if they can clear the infection. They also moved him on to his stomach which is supposed to aid in filling his lungs. Apparently this is a common practice in very ill people. The only risk involved is that he won't be any better. They'll try this for 1-3 days depending on the results. My siblings and I have become very good at leaving notes. We've come to the conclusion that we all have crappy handwriting made worse with the wearing of gloves.

Yesterday they removed the tubing from his mouth and put a trachea in. The first thing he asked for was ice chips and then a sucker. Not just any sucker, he had to have a lemon-lime sucker , which his younger sister got him. All we can do is hope and pray for the best.

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