Saturday, August 23, 2008


This morning I was awoken by the sounds of digging. I didn't intend to sleep to late but this was around 8am. I'm an early riser even on the weekends so this just meant "Up and at 'em " for me. I have some (a lot) of errands to catch up on as the week has just been busy. One of the first things was to tackle the laundry. Second was to clean out the fridge. The fridge is not pretty damn empty, which means a trip to the grocery store is in order also. #3 was to visit my friend the Wii. I walked into the living room with every intention of a 45 minute work-out. I happened to sit down in the chair and look over a new program I had purchased. It was then that I glanced out the window and spotted "The squirrel". It was one of those nature scenes that you just can't look away from. Seems this guy was having a bit of a dilemma in crossing the street. Traffic is not that heavy on our street but between the walkers, joggers,cars and bikes he was having a problem.It got a bit funny as Iwatched him get 1/2 way across and high tail it back to the other side several times. I was almost ready to go out and block the flow so the poor little guy could make it across, when I thought "This is probably the little bugger that's been reeking havoc on my yard". Don't get me wrong, I didn't wish any ill fate on him but what's the worst that could happen?. He may have to take up residence in the yard on the other side.

This little scene went on for about 10 minutes. Run to curb, run to middle of street, comes something..scurry back. Each time he would get a little further before heading back. I get the feeling that he had some coaching from the squirrels in the tree, because finally he let loose and really tore butt across the street and into the tree.

That was the end. Now I was going to flip on the Wii and get going. Phone rang which was another 5 minutes and then since I was on the phone sitting by my computer I decided to post. I am on my way!

Oh and here's to a victory by the Brewers, Packers & Cowboys (that's my plug for my friend) last night.

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