Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

This is a note that my daughter made me years ago. I save the sentimental things in life.

My husband seems to be on the road to recovery. I think that fact that he slept about 16 hours straight may have something to do with it. He's at least up and moving now. He moved from the bed to the basement and then back to the bed to watch TV. He's currently chowing down the bag of Peppermint Patty mint hearts I got him. So fast that he didn't even notice the minty goodness on the inside is pink.

I'm almost certain this is going to turn into a lazy day. I've been up since 7 and haven't really accomplished to much yet. A few phone calls (received) and cleaning of the litter box. I'm currently smelling the goodness of two apple pies I'm baking to bring along to the Turkey Dinner at Ben & Nannettes house tomorrow. I'm sure they're not as good as Connie's but they should come in a close second place. (if I don't burn them). If I do I have enough apples for a do-over.

I received a recipe for Mac & cheese that I may make but it will require a visit to the grocery store. Seems we're lacking the cheese. Guess it just wouldn't taste right without it.

So am I the only person that is hungering for spring to arrive? I'm not asking for much, just some days with sunshine and temperatures around 65 for starters. Just enough to open some windows and maybe sit outside on the deck and soak up some sun. Winters are just way to long around here. Yes, the snow is pretty and I can deal with snow. I just want some warmth.

Got a little sad & bad news this morning. I'm not sure how this is all going to pan out so I'm trying not to go into any panic or deep depression about it. It seems my son-in-law has an urging to move to Denver. He has a brother there and they've been out to visit quite a few times. My daughter likes Denver, but isn't sure she wants to live there. Right now he's unemployed and can have a job in Denver if he wants. They are pondering him going and checking it out and her and the girls following if it works out. She was telling me via phone and I could hear him in the background "It's only 15 hours away". "Maybe your mom would move out there also". I had to explain to her that I would not freak out and although I would miss them, they're young enough to pull off a life there. It would give me a place to visit. Then I started to remember how I felt when my parent's moved to AZ. This should me that's moving....not her.

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