Monday, February 09, 2009

Random Bits of Un-Interesting Things

  • Leave your crummy mood at home. Those you work with don't want to see your scowling face day after day.
  • I can be stubborn, although it doesn't suit me.
  • When you fight with your spouse and one of the things mentioned is leaving a TV or radio on when you vacate the area, it is sure to happen several times.
  • When you fight with your spouse and mention that the dirty laundry does not have just one person's name on it, you can be rest assured that when they hear the washer start they suddenly throw down all their dirty clothes.
  • My cat's love me because I am the one that feeds them, gives them water and cleans their litter box.
  • My dog loves me because I am the one that think she deserves clean water several times a day.
  • When you fight with your spouse about who should be the one to cook dinner, they will call you when you are on your way home to see if you want dinner from the China House.
  • I realize that either I am mute or my spouse is deaf.
  • The toothless shoe-shine man at Southridge must be good as he had a few people in line.
  • When you get a male nail tech. they are a bit rough on your hands and then think they did the best job ever until you point out an imperfection.
  • I hate left-overs and came very close to turning down the take out order just to prove a point.
  • I may be stubborn, but I am not stupid.
  • Silence is golden. It's very quiet here.

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