Friday, February 20, 2009

A Whole New World

Yesterday I did something I haven't had to do for eight years. I interview for a job. A job within the department I work in now. This is for a QC position. In the eight years I've been with the company I have done QC work. Not as extensive as what the full time position calls for but pretty close.

My interview was with the newly appointed QC manager and Supervisor. QC right now consists of 1 person. If she's busy the manager helps out or we help her. The position is open because she is leaving. I knew this interview was going to be odd when (let's call him Farley) started asking me questions from a formal interview instruction sheet. What is your experience here, What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment, biggest challenge and so on. I've been told he has a very dry personality and it showed. The manager who I've worked with for about 1 1/2 years now kept looking at him oddly and looking at me and smiling. I think it went well but there is another girl interviewing next week. She's pretty confident she's getting the job. She feels she's put her time in. Let's see, two years vs. eight years. And her schooling for a Para-Legal should land her the job. All we can do is wait and see.

The past few weeks I've been working in a QC Lab on the other side of the building. A world not seen by us production workers. This was my third week and I had a lot of visitors today. People coming in and introducing themselves and thanking me for helping out over there. I kept thinking to myself "they are thanking me yet they are getting me my 40 hours?". I got to go on a tour of the "other side". I was given a ten minute tour of the CSI Lab. Found it very interesting. The best part of the day was no stress. Zip...none what so ever. It was great. I came home in a great mood, I wasn't tired. I wasn't crabby and I actually enjoyed my day. This is the kind of work environment I could be very happy in. This is not where I will be if I get the QC job. I will still be in the same department.

I did get an interesting bit of information. The lab I'm helping out in is trying to justify the hiring of another person. They are about two weeks behind in testing. Their budget comes up in a month or so and they are pretty sure they will get approved for the hiring. I was told to put in for the job if it opens. This could actually make going to work somewhat enjoyable.

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