Monday, February 02, 2009

Not a Sheet In Site

We arrived home today to find our house intact. I half expected to see my yard toilet papered and a line of food delivery people on my door step. Maybe someone really didn't know my address, or maybe it was the threat of sending Bible toter's to his home, or maybe he realized how expensive toilet paper is now days. At any rate it was a relief to see that he decided to leave well enough alone.

Once again a good time was had in Green Bay. We picked up these drifters along the way. We had stopped at Cruiser's for lunch and they suddenly decided to tag along. They were okay, they made the weekend fun. You may know them yourselves as they go by the names of Babbette and Benny. We tried to leave the hotel this morning without them but they were just to quick for us.

I had not one ounce of luck at the Casino. The closest I came to luck was when a woman sat down on the machine next to me and won $1200.00. As usual it was the machine I had thought about playing but it didn't look to interesting. After about 3 hours of rotten luck I went in search of my husband. Found him sitting at a Let It Ride table and after a few minutes got his attention. I mentioned that I was done and going to sit in the lobby. I got a nod and "Okay" out of him. For some strange reason I thought he'd offer me a few bucks. My luck this weekend wasn't entirely bad as I did win two pools. The game was good, but I'm going to have to catch a repeat of the commercials as I missed a few of them.

Poor Sadie must have had a exhausting weekend. We picked her up from my daughter's house and she's been sleeping ever since. The boy's did good. The basement wasn't torn apart. The most I could find that they did was dump their food bowls out. They seem to be healing nicely and have maintained the same pitch of their meowing.

Tomorrow will be another day off as I'm heading out to make some bucks doing a survey and then off to several appointments. Trying to get all the insurance related things in before I get my walking papers.

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