Wednesday, February 04, 2009

One Brave (or stupid) Cat

Does this not have "Do you realize I could squash you like a bug" written all over it?
So far Sadie has put up with a lot and not made a stink. He's been found sleeping on her bed, eating her food and attempting to move her bone. Beside the one incident where she dropped her bone on him, she's been really calm about him invading her territory. The other one still will not come upstairs unless we hold him and I'm not starting that so I guess he stays put downstairs. He's probably glad to get rid of Mitchell for a while.
It was back to work today after 5 days off. Nothings changed. I did notice that a barrel of trash that was tagged was still sitting there. Yes, tagged. We are currently in the midst of starting "The 5 S" program. It's all about being clean and organized. At the end of each day a member of management goes around a tags anything that is out of place or dirty. Then in the morning we're supposed to fix the problem and remove the tag. So you would think that after getting tagged for the same thing 5 days in a row you'd have the sense to check it before you leave for the day. Not where I work. You just ignore it or wait for someone else to do it. Then the next day you claim you didn't have time, yet you stood around talking to someone for 10 minutes. Probably not a good thing to do in front of the person who is going to issue the tags. This is the mentality of some of the people I work with.
I had to chuckle today as I watched someone screw around with a stapler and attempt to use different staples for over 10 minutes. Twice I mentioned that the line could use his help and that there was another perfectly functional stapler sitting right on the desk. This guy actually left the line with the stapler and headed for the office. Once again, this is the mentality of some of the people I work with. He was pissed when he came back and I had stapled what he needed stapled. I just couldn't resist it.

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