Monday, March 23, 2009

Well I Never.....

Maybe it's time for me to lay off the caffeine or whatever made my blood boil today. I know it wasn't a salt intake as I've been watching that. All I know is I could have just punched this woman at the bank. Instead I kept my cool and came home and hit the Wii. I don't mean hit it hit it...I mean worked out. It works wonders it getting the aggressions out.

The story begins when I was given a personal check for some money I loaned out. It was a trusted source but this person knows I don't visit the bank often. This is why I have direct deposit. To deposit it through an ATM makes no sense as it's connected to my bank. In the past when I've been given personal checks I've taken them to the bank name on the check if I just wanted cash. problem, just sign the back of the check. It's the person who wrote the checks bank. Not so in today's case. This person's bank was closer to home then mine so I pulled into the drive thur, signed the check and put it through the pipes. "Do you know your account number" came through the speaker. "I don't have an account here, but the check is from this bank". "You'll have to come inside to cash this" as the check comes back through the pipes. I should have just forgot it then and drove the extra two blocks to my bank. Instead I went inside with the check. The teller asked for my account number and I again had to repeat that I did not have an account there but the person writing the check did. "Well I need your right thumb print and some ID." "Huh???" It was then that the creepy blood boiling feeling started. I asked why I had to show ID when this check was from this bank. Her reply "Well if this check should bounce, then who do we go after"?. "Well, wouldn't you go after the person who wrote it"? What ever happened to insufficient funds?. She then looks me right in the eye and says "What if that person didn't write it?". To prove that I wasn't forging the check I blobbed my right thumb in the ink and smeared it down on the check. Face getting redder, I took my ID and showed it to her.

Now, I know that someone might think I got mad for no reason, but this is just something I've never heard of before. I wondered if it was just this banks policy so when I got home I called my bank asked their policy. I was told that they will cash their own customers check and only require an ID by the person cashing it if it is over $250.00. I guess each bank has their own set of rules.

Speaking of people getting angry about having to show their receipts at a local department store when exiting the store...One of the girls I work with must have felt I can really be trusted. She breaks into this story about her friend who shoplifts for a living. She has regular customers who call and order things for her to shoplift from one certain local department store. This girl will somehow get all this stuff and deliver it in store bags to her customers, charging them half price for everything. She's only been caught twice. So this girls goes on to tell me how she's never stolen anything in her life, but looked real shocked when I told her that every time she got a delivery she was stealing. The discussion went on as to how she can't afford to pay those prices for things, that's why she continues to order from her. "Well maybe the prices wouldn't be so high if people quit stealing everything". The girl was asking if I needed anything. She's either very trusting that I won't turn them in, or she's undercover. I wish it were the second choice as I really thought this girl was on the up and up.

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StB said...

I am can the teller ask about a check bouncing? Wouldn't they look at the balance on the account first? If the balance cannot cover that check, then they don't give out the money. Other than that you were wrong. :)

That shoplifting story pisses me off. Give me her name and I will turn her in. Accepting stolen goods is a crime. She is a thief.