Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Dylan's football team is off to quite a rough start. After winning the first game of the season they have lost the last two. Dylan seems to have shrunk during the off season. On his baseball team he's of the average height and weight. Get him out on the football field and he's one of the smallest on the team. He's on the front line of the defense and always seems to be up against some giant kid. Somehow he does manage to squeak through and make some good tackles. Not sure what was up with the play calling last night, but I'm not the coach, so I'll leave that at that. Once again I have to stay down field of the other grandfather for fear of speaking my mind on his constant yelling. Point blank-he needs to watch the game, not one person. He needs to leave the coaching to the coach's and he needs to quiet himself when around the refs. It would be most embarrassing to Dylan to have one of his family members kicked out of a game. We're there for support and the fun of it, not to condemn every play called or question every blatant penalty.

I attended a class yesterday that taught me not much more than I knew already. What I did learn is there are a lot of people in this company that cannot get past a start up screen, and they use computers every day. I think I will be seeking this further education on my own as this was a crash course (8 1/2 hours). I did get a book out of it though.

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