Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Roof...The Roof

I could see them from the corner. Two men working on our roof. As I pulled up I saw my loyal handymen. My husband & brother Ben were laboring away. Communicating in the way they do : a grunt or a nod. Wasting no time on small talk. They had time for a quick wave to me and then continued on with their task.
A few minutes later I received a call from the roofers cell phone. They were in need of water and a few hammers. Granted these guys are right above me and they call. I could hear them talking from my kitchen. I handed up the water and then went on the search for the hammers. Of course they were not in the garage where I was told they were so I ventured into the workshop. Norm would be embarrassed to view my husbands workshop. I think it's more like a junk collecting area. But I managed to locate the hammers. I was shocked to find them hanging on a hook and not thrown in a drawer.
I prepared dinner which they declined as they wanted to keep working. In the words of Ben "I'm not coming down until dusk". Threw up some more water and had to leave to pick up Dylan from football practice. We got back around 7:30 and they were still up there. I had to make the call. "Come down now. You can't possibly see anything." There were a few grunts and I was asked to pass up a flood light. This project was done for the night.
I went inside for a minute and upon returning saw the two old men, who five minutes ago were moving around on the roof like 20 year olds, but were now struggling to walk and groaning. "I think it's time to start calling workers to do these big projects. It's getting to hard on you guys" was my comment. Before I could even get it out I got the evil eye from both of them. I guess it's just not proper to tell the manly men that they just aren't as flexible as they were 10 years ago. I have proof of this now after attempting to sleep between Barney's groans every time he moved. The good part is they got a chunk done and my son will be around to help tonight. The bad part is they are about 1/2 done. I need to stay away from the scene because I don't like to see them hurting. I'm pretty sure that by Sunday we'll need to rent wheelchairs for the Breast Cancer Walk.
Needless to say "They are both my hero's".

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StB said...

I ain't pushing those two gorillas around!