Sunday, September 06, 2009

1.3 million

24 hours from now we will be heading out for five days of camping. This may mark the longest camping trip since back in the day when we'd take the kids to the Dells area for a week. We always found things to do there and fought through some nasty storms. In the end it was always a good time.

Today is the day to pack and do all the last minute things required. I've already made several trips to the store to assure I have everything. In the end there will be something forgotten.

We went to a friends 50th birthday celebration last night. The first leg of this celebration was an "All you can eat taco, and all you can drink Margarita cruise". Since I've never been on the Milwaukee river before I found the cruise to be very interesting. Saw a whole different side of Milwaukee. They've done a nice job making the area look good. We saw a sign on the outside of one building listing the condo's at $320,000 to 1.3 million. I think I may, just out of curiosity go check them out. I am very interested to see what the difference in them is. The cruise was nice, never got to the taco bar but had a few Margarita's.

Then it was on to the friends house for a pretty low key party. I guess 830 at night is kinda late for some folks. It was there that I got the story on two couples who were supposed to be on the cruise. One couple apparently has a knack for running late, and threw away $50.00 by doing so. Another couple who talked it up and had big plans just never showed. I find it frustrating that people RSVP "wouldn't miss it, what can I bring" or just flat out never respond. I more so felt bad as the person who's birthday it was goes out of her way to make sure other people's birthdays are special. In the end I guess those who really appreciate her friendship were there.

Well I hear the rustling of the rest of the family, and I promised to make eggs and sausage so it's off I go to Grandma duty.

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