Monday, September 21, 2009

Sit By Me Drunk Girl

I must have a sign plastered somewhere on me that attracts stupid drunks. We went to the Brewer game yesterday and sat in the usual place we sit when my husband is awarded with tickets. Ten rows in back of the Brewers dug-out. Nice seats, but I'm ready to tell him to trade them next time. These are season tickets but we've yet to sit around the same people. I'm assuming the surrounding tickets are about the same (given out). Yet, it seems that every time we go I end up in front or back of some stupid drunk girl. Not funny drunk, annoying drunk. The one yesterday went as far as having her husband announce it was time to go. She started out okay, but then I think she felt obligated to purchase a beer from every vendor. I didn't need to know she had to use the potty. And why is it that the voice changed the drunker she got? It went from normal to high squealing baby talk. There was a couple sitting with them and from what I could pick up, it was a first date. The girl bailed around the 7th inning to join some friends. The drunk girl spent some time trying to text her but couldn't figure out the phone. Also in the 7th inning she asked her husband where JJ was and how come he didn't bat yet. I felt his pain as he shook his head and explained to her that he was no longer on the team. I give him credit for his patience while she rambled on about JJ.

I also noticed that every time we sit in these seats we spend a good majority of getting up to let people out. I don't mind passing beers down, or getting up here or there but seriously it was at least two times per inning. There was a group of woman that just couldn't all go at the same time. One would come back and the next would leave. I think they felt the need to guard their Doug Melvin bobble heads. These weren't people with kids, these were all grown adults. Around the 6th inning the man in back of me leans over and says "Do you realize that I have not had to get up for anyone yet"? He didn't want to trade seats with me.
I'm grateful for the tickets and enjoyed what I could see of the game and somehow managed to keep my cool. I tried to get Barney to move over to the aisle next to us as no one was sitting there but he wasn't budging-except to let people out.

I did have a little scare yesterday with a sore throat, but all seems well. It appears to be a slight sinus thing or hay fever. Should be easy to take care of with some allergy medicine and much needed rest.

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Hey Jo said...

The cold thing is going around. There are a couple of people at work who are coughing up a lung or two. Not sure why they don't work from home. Esp when their boss tells them to.

I did notice that today there were a bunch of hand sanitizer stations went up around the building. Now if we can get people to use them....